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SmartPM Optergy Billing System

As a new generation of billing system of Zhuhai Pilot Technology Co, Ltd, Smart Optery meets the requirement of various kinds of energy billing. With popular and advanced technology and architecture, it can realize electricity, gas, water, cold/thermal energy billing. Apart from the essential functions of metering and billing, it can provide real-time monitoring on energy consumption and alarm analysis for unusual conditions. Based on the above, it can significantly guarantee your energy supply revenue. It is your best choice for energy billing in the new era.

General functions
Offer clients one-stop energy billing solutions by supporting electricity, gas, water and cold/thermal energy billing.
Automatically remotely read and save various types of energy consumption data to provide reliable calculation reference to clients.
Offer customized billing solutions, such as time-division billing, ladder billing, on-demand billing
Offer real-time monitoring and prompt alarm against unusual conditions as well as various data analysis tools for energy consumption to guarantee energy revenue.

Characteristics and value

Totally free platform: Linux operation system, Postgres SQL data base,  Apache Tomcat  Web server Significantly lower investment in system to save cost for the project
Instantly set up system: one-click software installation; prepare multiple types of meters in advance; support customized meters; to add a new meter, you have to only choose your desired type. The instantly operational system can save much debugging time and cost.
Advanced/popular technology: B/S architecture; pure Web programming; Ipad button; drop-down menu; unusual condition alarm zone on the main interface Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android can visit the system and monitor the operation of the system any time
Automatic system maintenance : automatic parameter backup; automatic energy data backup ; automatic data filing; automatic bill emailing; automatic email alarm The system is exempt from any maintenance, so administers can focus their energy on improving efficiency.

Automatic remote meter reading
Maintain real-time communication with all meters to collect real-time meter measurement value and indicate real-time measurement value
All measurement values are saved into the data base, with saving interval being applicable at one minute, five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes; the saved energy data is the basis of energy billing.
Just a click, and you will read the meter measurement value, the energy consumption tendency chart (curve and bar); The tendency chart can indicate its result in terms of days, weeks and months. The above tools can help clients review and analyze tenants’ behavior of power utilization so as to make a reasonable plan of energy supply.1












Billing solution management

We provide customized billing solutions, and support multiple billing modes. The billing means can be collaborated to meet any kinds of billing demand.
Time-division billing
Ladder billing
On –demand billing
Tax fee , etc














Tenant information management
We provide tenant information management. Tenant’s information is edited and maintained to facilitate the calculation of energy cost, bill delivery. Tenants’ information mainly includes name, telephone number, email address, meter (one household can be allowed to use multiple meters), billing solutions and shared cost, etc.
Different users can use different billing solutions.











Billing& bill making

Manual billing & bill making: The beginning and the ending time of billing are manually optional to facilitate tenants to throw a lease and settle in advance.
Manual bill checking: The past 12 months’ bills can be recalculated manually in case of dispute between a landlord and a tenant.
Automatic billing and bill making: On the pre-set date, the system can automatically carry out billing and present the bill forms and automatically email to tenants.
Customized bills: we can make customized bill titles and add the Logo of the tenant’s company.
The PDF-format bills do not allow for modification to ensure that the bills are unique and effective.
 In addition to some general charging information, bills include the tenants’ daily average power utilization volume of the current month, and the historic power utilization volume over the past 12 months to help the landlord and the tenant learn about their energy consumption.




















Monitoring of communication disorder
In case of meter communication disorder, such as RS485 line disconnection, tenants’ circuit power failure, the system will immediately warn the administrator against the communication disorder at the alarm zone on the main interface. Such prompt treatment will prevent possible billing data errors due to communication disorder of the meters.

Monitoring of energy evasion
The difference between the overall meter of energy supply volume and the sub-metering of all tenants is calculated. If the difference is larger than the given threshold value, we can tell that there is a status of energy evasion. There is a red indicator warning the evasion status at a special alarm area on the main interface of the system. Meanwhile, an email concerning such status is automatically emailed to the administrator to remind him or her to promptly deal with the situation to prevent further loss.

The typical configuration of Architecture


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