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Energy Management System


The Features of Energy Management System Platform By Pilot
Smart PM6000 energy management platform is a professional energy saving management system platform independently researched and developed by Zhuhai Pilot Technology Co., Ltd.
System software platform
The platform enjoys strong function, convenient operation, beautiful interface, so engineering personnel can realize automatic configuration.
The platform applies to different system products. By monitoring the terminals of high and low voltage switch gear, power distribution room, floor distribution cabinet, and electrical load, the system can realize integrated management of energy consumption data. The system is based on aether network construction to build an integrated management platform and supports upward integration. Observing the principles of dispersed collection, integrated monitoring, resource and information sharing, the system is a standardized industrial distributed management system.
Smart PM 6000 energy management platform is based on NET technique and adopts a framework combining B/S and C/S. The foreground display such as interface display and subscriber operation is based on B/S framework, while the backstage operation of engineering configuration and data modeling is based on C/S framework. The undercoat applies the data base technique which is extensively applied in finance, retailing industries. The building of data cube applicable to different types of projects can be used to complete thorough digging analysis on relevant data. Meanwhile, UI offers the function of free configuration. Therefore, the growing demand of clients can be greatly satisfied. The system is featured by friendly operation and simple maintenance.
The product enjoys the following major features:
(1) Reliable and economical
It is capable of completing technical norms within stipulated conditions and time. It can work steadily for a long time. It is good at data backup and data retrieval.
(2) Practical and well-developed
It conforms to relevant practical norms home and abroad. Besides, it is user-friendly. It has proved that its technique has become well-developed and can be applied to famous brands and devices home and abroad.
(3) Advanced and open
The system uses the internationally popular computer and communication network technique, adheres to the principle of being open, and provides interface and tools of software and hardware, network communication, operation system and data management. As a result, the system is flexible, compatible, expansible and transferable. On the condition of not violating intellectual rights, the system makes its protocol and data base open.
(4) Guarantee the safety of electric machine, buildings and human
The system’s real time monitoring on the operation of energy consumption devices enables on-duty workers to promptly and accurately detect disorder, accidents and problems so as to eliminate disorder hazards to guarantee the safety of electric machine, buildings and human.
(5) Improve energy utilization level and save energy, and lower consumption
Through categorical statistical analysis and evaluation of energy utilization, the system can detect abnormal conditions so as to come up with effective measures to reduce energy waste. Some relevant evaluation techniques are used to identify the direction of energy saving and effect to improve the investment effectiveness of energy saving.
Main techniques of energy management system platform
Data base technique
SmartPM 6000 energy management system adopts data base technique and builds different numeric data modules in line with the features of the types of projects. Through modeled data amplification and narrowing, the system enables the visualization of data to diverse clients to meet clients’ need of macro and micro analysis










Main techniques of energy management system platform

Data base technique
SmartPM 6000 energy management system adopts data base technique and builds different numeric data modules in line with the features of the types of projects. Through modeled data amplification and narrowing, the system enables the visualization of data to diverse clients to meet clients’ need of macro and micro analysis








Data digging technique
SmartPM 6000 energy management system adopts data digging technique to carry out deep data digging analysis through index, diagnosis and evaluation to find out the laws of energy utilization and energy consumption defect, and dig out an enterprise’s potential of energy saving. In this way, energy saving measures can be made to improve the objective of energy source performance.
Configure modeling technique
SmartPM 6000 energy management system adopts software technique design based on components. Each function block consists of independent modules which have reliable mass. In line with the need of the subscribers, each project adopts a way of block building to ensure subscribers that “what you see is what you get”. The project schedule and quality is controllable. The business of functions and interface module can realize free configuration. With only slight modification, the system can respond to the alteration of subscribers’ need. Thus software efficiency and subscribers’ satisfaction improve significantly.









Software can be extended and the maintenance is easy.
To adopt software framework based on components and configuration, we only have to configure the properties of interface and module in line with the need of most subscriber alteration. The platform offers tools for modeling, configuration and form preparation, significantly reducing the workload of extension and maintenance.










Software based on B/S framework
For the software based on B/S framework, subscribers don’t have to install software terminals, for they can check the information of energy consumption through a web browser. Such software is compatible with laptop, flat computer, and smart cell phones, so that subscribers can learn of their information whenever and wherever and the display resolution automatically adapts to facilitate the access of various mobile devices.











Energy management system (Enterprise)
The system hardware architecture
Big screen to launch information
There are four big screens to display information including the electricity, water and steam as well summary information of a factory.
Center management working station
It makes integrated management of electricity, water, and steam, and controls the contents to be displayed on four information scenes.
It connects center management working station to print system forms.
Electricity, water and steam system working station
Electricity, water and steam subsystem, three in all
Engineer station
It can check electricity, water and steam information.
Master switchboard
master switchboard of backbone network within a factory to connect a fire wall
Fire wall
Information security protection to connect internet
Application server
It processes various protocols and system logics and is responsible for backstage computation and process data.
Web server
Web application system server; terminals can access through server.
Data base server
It is where system data base is stored. Main device for each data base server, two in total
Magnetic disk array server
Store the same system data in different places to serve as important data backup.
GPS/ big dipper NTP server:
synchronized network time
UPS power source
uninterruptable power supply. It provides stable, uninterruptable power supply
Industrial switchboard
It is used for industrial aether net switchboard equipment
Realize RS232/RS485 signal conversion and bus isolation
Power source module
It provides 24V current supply Photoionization
Data acquisition
Collect water signal data and steam signal data


















The overall framework of energy management system adopts the principles of dispersed collection and integrated management to satisfy the switching in of energy metrical instrument, and at the same time it exchanges data with other systems and guarantees the non-interference with the normaloperation of the existing system. It testifies to the expansion and maintenance and openness features of the energy management system.
The energy management system is based on B/S framework, which mainly includes main station management layer, network aggregation layer and data collection layer from top to bottom. Main hardware equipment includes collection units ( digitalized meter , data capturing equipment and communication cable , and switchboard ), instrument, meter measurement test device, data base server, digitalized working station of integrated monitoring the collection of water and steam energy sources, large screen display system, electron information display screens. Main software includes data base software and energy efficiency software.
Data collection layer is responsible for remote on-the-spot data acquisition while the network aggregation layer is responsible for transmitting the data captured on the spot to energy management center.
The main management layer is responsible for data processing and statistics to realize basic system functions.
Main station management layer
The core constituents of main station management layer, various energy data, equipment operation status information, environment condition information are processed, analyzed, evaluated here. It is also where energy utilization information and energy efficiency information are delivered. A user-friendly human-machine interface and operation window is offered here too. Energy management center is pertinent to management personnel, who present straightforward on-the-spot operation conditions through graphs, digital readout, and voice. The energy management function designs various forms to cater to different kinds of subscribers. The data on the forms are measured in strict conformation with diverse standards. What a subscriber has to do is to print the forms. Such practice makes the operation much more convenient and improves working efficiency.
Network aggregation layer
Network agglomeration layer is the interconnection part between server and energy source metrical instruments, center management working station and electricity, water and steam sub working station. It is responsible for transmitting the data of intelligence instruments to communication management machine, and transmitting the dispersed energy consumption data to energy management center to realize accurate and speedy transmission of energy consumption data. Meanwhile, communication network layer is also the middle interface connecting the system and other intelligence systems to realize data sharing between systems. Main equipment includes aether net, switchboard and communication management machines.
Data capturing layer
Energy management system undertakes unified analysis and management of electricity, water and steam energy consumption data. Relevant electricity, water and steam data are collected by intelligent electric meter, intelligent electromagnetic current transmitting instruments , platinum electric resistance , pressure transmitting instrument. All the data are stored in the real time data base of the intelligent power distribution supervisory system and are transmitted to energy managment data base through aether net by power distribution system.


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