prepayment system

SmartPM 1100Net  Prepayment System

System overview

1,Prepayment management mode: pay before use ; advance payment, better cash flow.
2,In case of undue payment, trip out and power off automatically. Free of electric charging, less workload.
3,The main server station keeps connection with meters all the time as a guarantee of discovering power theft in time, avoiding power supply revenue loss.
4,Workload controlling. Trip out automatically when it is over load, which improves the security and lifetime of the power supply system.

Smart power utilization  Green energy utilization

Properties and value 

Purchase /sell electricity through network without medium,It avoids the inconvenience of forgetting to take IC card in the traditional purchasing and selling electricity process. Facilitate greatly tenants’ power purchase, provide the convenience of power selling process for owners, and reduce relevant workload.
Purchase /sell electricity through network without medium Compared with the traditional purchasing /selling electricity process in the outlets, it can provide more power purchase access, such as trading through the owner’s web site or online banking and telephone banking entrusted by owners. The users purchase electricity through internet indoors, completing payment, electricity purchase, and electricity meter installation .This kind of work improves customer satisfaction and reduces relevant workload.
After power purchase, quantity of electricity purchased is translated to the electricity meter directly. There is no need to open the meter bo , inset cards and touch meters Prevent electric shock risk, electric quantity manipulation, electricity meter destruction and improve system security immensely.
The main server station keeps connection with meters all the time .The data of power consumed and the abnormal conditions of meters could be transported to the main station immediately, such as uncovered cap, over current , opposite connection. Provide the detection of system electricity theft to monitor tenants’ power consumption; automatic meter reading, no manual inspection.



Description of functions 

Opening an account
This module can be used for customer information registration , including basic information and electric meter .it is registered in two pages ;
【Basic customer information 】page,register basic customer information , such as name, number, address, telephone, id card, etc ;
【 Customer meter information 】page,record customer meter number mainly and keep the one-to-one correspondence relationship between customer and the meter. In theory, one meter , one customer; in reality, one customer, multiple meters, if applicable.










Electricity selling
Purchase /sell electricity without medium.
No need for any medium, for example, IC card, but directly purchase power from a service outlet. Convenience reduces workload and improves customer satisfaction.
Apart from the service of electricity purchase and selling through normal service outlets, new technology can be adopted to offer various and more convenient accesses to electricity purchase and selling, such as trading through the owner’s web site or online banking and telephone banking entrusted by owners.










Preventing electricity-stolen
The main station system and meters are online all the time. Owners can monitor the power consumption of tenants in real time. On the other hand, events, such as uncovered cap, over current, reverse connection, etc are recorded by electricity meter .These events are collected by main station system and alarmed to the owners. Owners can inspect immediately on the spot to confirm power theft.

Remote meter reading
This module is used to develop and implement reading tasks instantly from remote electricity meters, and read electricity consumption data. The module is divided into three pages :
【 Electricity meter 】page,used to select the meters and key in task titles.
【OBIS】page,Used to select the reading scheme ,
【 Monitoring results 】page, Used to display meter data by reading. You can click “save data” to save the data transmitted back by hand.1









Statistical analysis
The statistics and analysis module is mainly used to count and analyze the data of the lines , the transformers and the electricity meters. Using the tools provided by the system, such as forms, curves ,to display the running situation of the lines , the transformers and the electric meters. Help managers to understand the system running state and analyze the electricity consumption behavior of tenants.














Arrearage power outages.
When the electric quantity is less than settled low electric quantity alarm value, the meter issues a warning, prompting the user to buy electricity.
When the remainder electric quantity of user is’ 0 ‘, the meter issues a zero power reminder to prompt the user to buy electricity;
When the user’s credit reaches a set value, power meter automatically trip out and then users can’t use electricity, unless purchasing power.












Load control
Electric meters are equipped with load control function. According to the tenant’s application, the owner can configure power load for each tenant separately. Once the power load of the tenant exceeds the limit load, power meter makes automatic operation to trip out immediately.













The typical configuration of Architecture




















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